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Working Areas

Our Working Fields

Youth Station Association operates in 6 main areas. Interviews and workshops were held with experts in the field in determining these areas and their subheadings, and the most beneficial aspects of each field for the youth were added to the list of target achievements. These topics are taken as the basis for the activities carried out for both the YSA volunteers and fellows, and event planning is carried out accordingly.

YSA performs all kinds of activities with 4 types of activities and actions. These are field activities, advocacy and lobbying activities, reports and presentations, and internship opportunities. All of these 4 types of actions are carried out in the following topics.

Youth Health

Non-Communicable Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Mental Health
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Environment and Sustainability

Climate Change and Global Warming
Sustainable Energy and Natural Resources
Sustainable Cities and Mobility
Ecological Literacy

Culture and Creativity

Creative Platforms
Campaign Editing and Management
Intercultural Interaction
Media Literacy
Innovative Art

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship 101
Start-up Habitat and Innovative Business Ideas
GRoadmap for Young Entrepreneurs
Career Planning

Social Inclusion and Participation

Rights-Based Approaches
Active Citizenship and Participation Mechanisms
Advocacy and Lobbying
Soft Power

Education and Training

Right to Education and Access to Education
Innovative Training Methods
Alternative Education Models

In addition, there are some general qualities and capabilities that YSA aims to bring to all of its volunteers. These are as follows:

  • Large Data in a Changing World
  • Introduction to Civil Society
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Digital Tools- Mail Culture
  • Organization Culture in Large Structures - Examples and Practices
  • Enterprise Building and Exemplary Initiatives
  • Media Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Public Speaking
  • Appropriate Dressing and Manners
  • Effective Communication and Body Language
  • Team Working Skills
  • Resume and Motivation Letter Preparation
  • Project Writing and Management
  • Intercultural Etiquette