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Volunteering at YSA

YSA is a youth association that performs activities in many different areas and works to carry out the United Nations Sustainable Development Opportunities by 2030. It is the main objective of YSA to achieve this goal by enabling young people to lead meaningful change. YSA performs 4 types of activities to achieve this goal.


Grassroots Activities

All kinds of trainings, workshops, programs, meetings and prestigious activities that develop the capacities of young people, which are carried out regularly by YSA Stations, should be evaluated in this context.


Advocacy and Lobbying

YSA is aimed at strengthening youth participation on a local, national and international level. For this reason, YSA encourages young people to take part in decision-making mechanisms, to prepare speeches and presentations on behalf of themselves and their peers when appropriate, and to communicate their demands and thoughts to decisionmakers. YSA operates to increase the participation of young people in national youth councils in their respective countries, to mediate greater representation of young people at the provincial level, and to carry out joint work with the United Nations and European Union institutions on the international level.


Research and Reporting

It is YSA's field of study to monitor, follow up and prepare publications and reports in order to present the progress their working areas have made regarding the Sustainable Development Goals. These reports reflect YSA's perspective of the issue and ensure that it is made clear all relevant authorities.


Internship Opportunities

YSA volunteers and fellows are in contact with more than 2000 national and international companies, institutions, organizations and institutes in more than 80 countries. We aim to mediate volunteers and fellows to partake in internships at these prestigious institutions.

Volunteering at YSA offers the opportunity to participate in activities in all of these areas, to take part in organizations, to become part of a unique network. YSA volunteering applications are continuously open and as eligible applications are received, the relevant station managers reach out to the volunteer candidates.

There is a pre-training at YSA that must be taken ahead of volunteering. This training is provided free of charge to YSA volunteers by YSA instructors.

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