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Internship Opportunities

YSA offers internship opportunities to its volunteers and fellows for them to gain experience on an international scale, improve themselves on an academic and professional level, and to deem themselves as better equipped and qualified during their transition into their respective career paths.

Internship opportunities are organized by our association quarterly. No financial compensation is offered to YSA volunteers for these internships. Our association offers its members various alternatives in line with their personal characteristics, and in the field and direction they want to pursue. YSA then contacts these institutions or individuals on behalf of our volunteers in order to provide them these internship opportunities. If accepted in accordance with the individual characteristics of the members, YSA also offers logistics, professional and capacity support in preparation for their internship.

As of January 2021, YSA has contacts with more than 10,000 institutions and persons in 45 countries. Bilateral agreements have been signed with some of these institutions and are considered to be contacted through official communication channels. Young members who want to apply for an internship through our institution are required to apply during one of the following 4 periods each year. It is possible for our volunteers who want to undertake an internship to start their internships within 2 months at the latest from the specified deadlines. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the relevant application periods.


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