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What is I-GEM?

The Station Introduction Training Module (I-GEM) is the primary training module organized for YSA volunteers. Also called ‘Introduction to Civil Society’, this training allows volunteers to learn the structure of civil society, and gain a professional awareness of volunteering through innovative training methods.

It is considered as one of the most important stages of volunteering at YSA. I-GEM was prepared by identifying key topics as well as the needs of young volunteers of civil society. The training module is youth-oriented, and is designed after a peer-to-peer model with non-formal teaching techniques.

The aim of the Station- Introduction Training Module (I-GEM) is to ensure YSA volunteers gain a modern understanding civil society, volunteering consciousness, and enhance their personal skills.

In this sense, I-GEM seeks to equip volunteers with the knowledge, information, and skills they will need in civil society.

The Training consists of 4 different training modules. These are:

1 - Red Module “Introduction to Civil Society”
An introduction to civil society, its history, functionality, place in the international order, scope, as well as the features of Non-Governmental Organizations, civilian-government relations, volunteering, the United Nations, its history, and UN Volunteers.

2 - Yellow Module “Culture and Interaction”
Culture and citizenship, cultural leadership, civil society and culture, conceptions of youth and diaspora, Turkish diaspora establishments, Turks in Europe (Euro-Turks), Turkish diaspora and civil society.

3 - Green Module “Personal Development”
Team building, leadership and leadership skills, advocacy and lobbying, stress and conflict management, crisis management, CV and Cover letter writing, and online inventories.

4 - Blue Module “Youth Station Association”
General information about YSA, Aims, Programmes, Key Working Areas, Strategies and the YSA Fellowship Programme.

How is I-GEM Applied ?

The Station Introduction Training Module is a two-day programme taking place on the weekend. The Red and Yellow modules are completed on Saturday, while the Green and Blue modules are completed on Sunday.

The training requires the participation of 15-25 volunteers, and is delivered by an I-GEM trainer selected by YSA, who has completed a round of specialized training.

The trainings use non-formal techniques, aiming to be interactive and participant-focued. According to demand from YSA stations, the training sessions take place at the date and time determined by YSA International. The sessions are open to all young individuals between the ages of 18-29. The training will be carried out in Turkish.

I-GEM participants are given certificates of participation at the end of the training.

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