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YSA International General Assembly

YSA International General Assembly determines all of the processes from the selection of the Youth Station International executives to the voting and approval of their activities and projects at the General Assembly, which is held twice a year. A maximum of 10 members participate in these general meetings as delegates from all stations, and a 100 more young members as observers. International General Assembly meetings last 3 days, and the rules of procedure of the United Nations General Assembly is followed throughout. All stations sit at their own tables are eligible for a single vote. All the Youth Station Association executives perform individual nomination presentations at the Assembly and compete to be elected to the position.


The location and time of the General Assembly meetings are decided by the Board of Directors; it is planned to take place 2 times a year in March and September. The location of these meetings, participation fee and registration finalization processes are determined by the Board of Directors.


 The General Assembly of Youth Station International in 2021 will take place in September.


As the date approaches, information about the General Assembly Program, participation fee, accommodation and timings will be shared on this page.