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Fellowship Program

The YSA Fellowship Programme accepts applications biannually, in a synchronous process throughout all YSA stations. The Programme aims to educate and empower young individuals to become experts in their own respective fields and equip them with the right skillset to kickstart their own initiatives and become inspiring leaders.

The Fellowship Programme has been developed in light of an analysis of existing leadership training programmes, and the months-long collaborative efforts of leading experts. In this capacity, YSA has partnered with Harvard Business Review, and makes frequent use of its content and case studies throughout the Fellowship Programme. The Fellowship Programme aims to provide specialized, technical knowledge, in addition to furthering candidates’ general abilities and talents.

The selection process for the YSA Fellowship Programme is a highly competitive one. All individuals, regardless of whether or not they are existing volunteers for YSA, are encouraged to apply during one of two yearly application periods. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview, after which successful YSA Fellowship Candidates will be selected. Fellowship Candidates will initially receive an introductory I-GEM training. This will be followed by a six month long active training period, wherein Candidates will be expected to complete the specialized tasks given to them. Upon completion of this period, the Candidates that have successfully demonstrated their commitment to the Programme are awarded a 4,000 Euro worth, full fee-waiver to the Trust Leadership School. The training provided by the Trust Leadership School is a highly exclusive one, available to promising leaders, in order to enhance their personal growth and cooperative skills.

All participants that successfully complete the YSA Fellowship Programme will be given certificates of achievement for their respective fields, and their names and contact information displayed on the Fellowship tab of the YSA official website. Fellows’ projects have the chance to receive micro-funds, and are now part of the YSA Fellow Network, bringing together young leaders across the globe.

The YSA Fellowship Programme is divided into six categories, depending on the personal interests of participants. During their application, candidates are requested to select one of the categories to become their field of specialization. All Fellow Candidates are provided curated content including videos, readings, and meetings with experts, in addition to a general module for all Fellow Candidates. A diagram of the six categories with more information on their content and gains can be found below.

Youth Health

Non-Communicable Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Mental Health
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Environment and Sustainability

Climate Change and Global Warming
Sustainable Energy and Natural Resources
Sustainable Cities and Mobility
Ecological Literacy

Culture and Creativity

Creative Platforms
Campaign Editing and Management
Intercultural Interaction
Media Literacy
Innovative Art

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship 101
Start-up Habitat and Innovative Business Ideas
GRoadmap for Young Entrepreneurs
Career Planning

Social Inclusion and Participation

Rights-Based Approaches
Active Citizenship and Participation Mechanisms
Advocacy and Lobbying
Soft Power

Education and Training

Right to Education and Access to Education
Innovative Training Methods
Alternative Education Models

What do we provide to Fellows?


The opportunity to participate in the fellowship program at the same time with hundreds of young people from several countries in a completely international environment.

Broadening Horizons

A futuristic and innovative approach to the selected fields, going beyond academic understandings.

Thematic Specializations

Content that is constantly updated and enriched through digital mediums in 6 thematic areas that YSA specializes in.


Content to be sent weekly to your email address that you can follow online from anywhere 24/7.


Micro-grants made possible for our fellows who want to start their own initiative at the end of the program.


Being part of a unique network and the opportunity to meet hundreds of young people and professionals from different countries around the world.

What Awaits Fellow Candidates ?

6 aylık süreçte fellow adayları kendilerine verilen bazı görevleri tamamlamalıdır. Tüm bu süreçler uzman isimler tarafından takip edilmekte ve fellow adaylarına mentörlük gerçekleştirilmektedir.