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About YSA

Youth Station Association is a youth organisation founded in 2020, with its center of operations located in the Netherlands.


Youth Station Association is an organisation that empowers the youth and supports international mobility in order to work towards bringing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life. Our organisation conducts research on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals, releases reports, and supports and educates the youth by connecting them to decisionmakers in order for them to become active leaders themselves.

Youth Station Association memberships are applied for on a voluntary basis, and the organisation is established and run entirely by the young members who choose to become YSA Volunteers in their local regions. In order to achieve its vision and goals, the organisation holds activities on a grassroot scale, as well as preparing reports and presentations in unique working fields on a regular basis, involving itself in advocacy and lobbying actions, as well as providing internship opportunities to its volunteers. These events are led completely by a professional team with the support of the YSA Volunteers.


The 6 main topics that have been determined as the working areas of Youth Station Association were established by combining the priorities of the organisation with the topics that were included in the 2030 strategies of the European Union and the United Nations. One of the core functions of YSA is to foster youth who are to become experts in these fields, and then be able to lead their peers.


YSA abides by certain principles and rules when facilitating its activities.

The Fellowship Programme- a unique product of YSA, is a pioneering, all-encompassing and special programme that has been developed following a careful analysis of all of the pre-existing youth programmes across the globe with similar purposes. This unique training, which lasts a total of 6 months and has many different stages from individual programs to online trainings, has been developed through joint efforts of experts in education, and was created by curating the curriculum of many programs such as Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, Oxford Executive Leadership Program, all of which can be considered as pioneers in their field. As a result of a meticulous and long process, a high-level network of fellows is created worldwide with this program.