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YSA About

Youth Station Association is a youth organisation founded in 2020, with its center of operation located in the Netherlands.

Youth Station Association is an organisation that empowers the youth and supports international mobility in order to work towards bringing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life. Our organisation conducts research on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals, releases reports, and supports and educates the youth by connecting them to decisionmakers in order for them to become active leaders themselves.


YSA values the communication and partnership between all of its stakeholders whether it be on a local, national or international scale.


The foundation of YSA’s work is built on intercultural interaction and respect for such differences.


One of YSA’s main principles is independence, wherein individual rights and freedom of ideas is at the fore of our values.


All of the works carried out by YSA are by the youth and for the youth, and we believe that this is what makes us unique.


As our focal point is the youth and the self-development of the youth, we are concerned with issues of the youth globally, and specifically how the Sustainable Development Goals can be brought to life by the youth.


Youth Health

Environment and Sustainability

Education and Training

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Social Inclusion and Participation

Culture and Creativity



YSA Fellowship Program is a process that is attended by young individuals who are selected in applications that are opened biannually, and is synchronous in all YSA Stations. The aim is to generate a youth who will become experts and distinguished leaders in their respective fields, and that these leaders become inspriations for their communities, and grow into changebringers by establishing their own initiatives at the end of the program.

The selection process for the YSA Fellowship program is a challenging and competitive process. With the call opened in February and August each year, up to 15 new Fellow candidates from all YSA stations are accepted to the program through interviews.


The opportunity to participate in the fellowship program at the same time with hundreds of young people from several countries in a completely international environment.

Broadening Horizons

A futuristic and innovative approach to the selected fields, going beyond academic understandings.

Thematic Specializations

Content that is constantly updated and enriched through digital mediums in 6 thematic areas that YSA specializes in.


Content to be sent weekly to your email address that you can follow online from anywhere 24/7


Micro-grants made possible for our fellows who want to start their own initiative at the end of the program.


Being part of a unique network and the opportunity to meet hundreds of young people and professionals from different countries around the world.


Volunteering at YSA

YSA is a youth association that performs activities in many different areas and works to carry out the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The main objective of YSA is to achieve this goal by enabling young people to lead meaningful change. YSA performs 4 types of activities to achieve this goal.

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You can get information about our stations by clicking on the orange-colored countries on the map.

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